FRAX Resurfacing

As we age, certain things happen to our skin. We begin to see effects of uneven pigmentation, age spots, fine lines and wrinkles. But help is at hand. The FRAX 1550, available on the Nordlys, will slow down and even reverse signs of aging, leaving the skin looking fresher. Even better there is little to no downtime - you can have a treatment and resume your daily live almost immediately.

How does the treatment work?

The FRAX laser treatment is cleared for soft tissue coagulation, simply meaning disruption of the superficial skin structures. The treatment works by creating very small, controlled islands of heat damage, surrounded by health normal skin. Using the 1550nm wavelength, the light is absorbed in water structures in the skin creating heat. This heat stimulates fibroblasts and collagen, the building blocks of your skin. When the body repairs these micro inquiries, collagen in the whole area is stimulated, leaving the skin fresher. Research has shown a combination treatment using the Nordlys Photo Rejuvenation followed by a FRAX Resurfacing treatment produces even better results. Because the surface of the skin is left intact (non-ablative), you recover very quickly.

This little to no downtime treatment using fractional resurfacing provides a more youthful appearance.

Which problem areas can be treated?

Let’s be clear, the FRAX Resurfacing treatment is not going to remove those deep “dynamic” wrinkles. But patients do report improvement in fine lines, appearance of pore size and overall feel of the skin. The Nordlys has pre-programed settings for different skin types that deliver safe energy output for your complexion. Being a non-ablative fractional technology, the FRAX 1550 allows for full body treatment options. Treatment areas include: face, neck, chest, arms, and more.

How long does a Nordlys FRAX resurfacing treatment take?

The FRAX treatment normally involves the use of local numbing cream, which is applied 30-40 minutes prior to treatment. Typically the procedure itself takes 15-45 minutes, depending on the size of the area being treated.

Do I need to take special precautions before and after treatment?

It is important to avoid sun bathing and self-tanning products before and during the treatment period. The FRAX allows for treatment on somewhat tanned skin, but to maximize results, it is recommended to avoid sun exposure prior to treatment. It is also recommended to use a normal moisturizing cream before and after treatment.

Talk to your provider if you are prone to acne outbreaks or cold sores. After treatment, you should avoid sun exposure for 30 days, or use sun protection (minimum 30 SPF) if sun exposure cannot be avoided.

How many Nordlys FRAX treatments do I need?

Typically you will be offered a course of four treatments, but if you are darker-skinned, your provider may decide to offer a longer course of gentler treatments.

Does the treatment hurt?

Treatments may be a little uncomfortable, which is why we recommend the use of numbing cream. After the numbing wears off, you may experience a few hours where the skin feels as if you have a light sunburn.

How can I be sure the Nordlys FRAX is safe and effective?

Clinical trials documenting FRAX 1550 safety and effectiveness were carried out by Ellipse (Nordlys & FRAX 1550 Manufacture) and leading doctors prior to the launch of the treatments. The FRAX 1550 is FDA cleared, safe and effective for soft tissue coagulation and skin resurfacing. Should you have any questions, you are welcome to view the scientific papers on the Ellipse website at or contact [email protected].